Our Team

NAME: Abdul Kamara, President

Abdul Kamara, born May 19th, President of EYES, along with his ambitious friends, help find ways to cultivate the educational prospective of the less fortunate youth of Sierra Leone, West Africa. Abdul has a knack for helping those less privileged children determine their fullest potential through means of education. As an accomplished professional and an educational advocate, his background includes 8+ years in the corporate environment working as a mechanical engineering for a medical device company. Having already obtained a Master of Science degree in 2003, in the area of Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, he’s currently at the end stages of completing his MBA degree at Pepperdine University, in Malibu, California.

SCHOOL(s) ATTENDED in SIERRA LEONE: Murraydeen Preparatory and Lebanese School.

REASON FOR JOINING EYES: My father was the first member of my family to attend college and excel in academia. He always preached about the “power of the pen”, and how education can change the lives of an entire family tree. I took my dad’s words and vowed to give back by helping to empower the lives of others through EYES. My goal is to ensure that every willing child in Sierra Leone is allowed the opportunity of receiving the best education possible.

NAME: Sulaiman Mohamed Turay, Vice President

As Vice President of EYES, Sulaiman Turay, born January 1st, will lead the development of this non-profit organization’s core practice of internal development and external partnerships to help build a brighter future through educating the less fortunate youth of Sierra Leone. Through his own endurance, Mr. Turay has earned himself an Associate’s of Science in the area of Computer Studies from Cypress College, later exceling to obtain a Bachelor of Science in the area of Electrical Engineering, with an emphasis in POWER and BIOMEDICAL Engineering, from California University, Long Beach (CSULB).

SCHOOL(s) ATTENDED in SIERRA LEONE: Ronsab Preparatory, Albert Academy Secondary, and Prince of Wales.

REASON FOR JOINING EYES: My goal in working with the fine members of EYES is to help inspire and cultivate the active and creative minds of young men and women of Sierra Leone, by helping them achieve a sense of courage, compassion, and understanding of the importance a well-defined education can positively offer to a person’s life.

NAME: Francis Vincent, Secretary

Francis Vincent, born November 25th, Secretary for EYES, will perform the general management duties of the organization in driving efficiency and effectiveness through building external relationships in coming together for the greater good of educating and nurturing the lives of the youth of Sierra Leone. Like his counterparts; hardworking and ambitious, Mr. Vincent acquired a Bachelor of Science degree in 2002, in the concentration of Mechanical Engineering from the Drexel University of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

SCHOOL(s) ATTENDED in SIERRA LEONE: Tower Hill Primary, St. Edwards, and Lebanese International Secondary School.

REASON FOR JOINING EYES: My goal is to extend the opportunity of creating a better life for oneself through education. As the proverb is stated “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. The goal of the EYES program is to provide a lifetime of opportunities through education as the springboard.

NAME: Osman Sesay, Treasurer

As he will work diligently to manage outside relationships with financial institutions and individuals willing to help in building a better and brighter future for the youth of Sierra Leone, Osman Sesay, born April 1st, Treasurer of EYES will not relent to the success of this non-profit organization’s ultimate goal. An educational achiever himself, Osman attained an Associate’s of Art in the field of Business Administration from Cerritos Community College, then furthering to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Management, Information Technology Systems, with a focus in Business Systems Option from California University.

SCHOOL(s) ATTENDED in SIERRA LEONE: King Harman Primary and Prince of Wales Secondary school.

REASON FOR JOINING EYES: As a young man, my father instilled in me the importance of education, and the fact that education is the key to a successful life without anyone taking that luxury away from you. As such, it is a blessing and an honor to partake in an organization such as EYES, in being able to give back to the uprising children of Sierra Leone.

NAME:Elvino De’souza George, Assistant Public Relations Officer

Elvino George, born August 9th, Assistant Public Relations Officer for EYES will engage in promoting and creating good-will to individuals, groups, and other organizations to join in the definitive goal of EYES in helping the youth of Sierra Leone get better educated, and prepare them to become the country’s future leaders. A strong devotee of education being the key that opens most doors to a successful life, Elvino is priced with a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science, with emphasis on International Relations from the California State University in Long Beach, California.

SCHOOL(s) ATTENDED in SIERRA LEONE: Merewether Preparatory and Sierra Leone Grammar School.

REASON FOR JOINING EYES: As a man with strong and rigid principles, I believe education is the only key to unlocking many doors of opportunities irrespective of any background. My life’s successes are simply a result of the opportunities and support presented to me, therefore vowing to support and give back to those less fortunate who show the desire to excel.

NAME: Sallieu Fofanah, Member

As the charitable person that he is, Sallieu Forfanah, born November 20th, Member of EYES will donate both time and effort in meeting the goals of EYES. He has opted to becoming a strong member and an advocate to gaining momentum for this wonderful and charitable organization. Sallieu is steadfast in education, receiving a higher honor in studies from the Los Angeles Valley and Pierce Colleges of California.

SCHOOL(s) ATTENDED in SIERRA LEONE: Benevolent Secondary and St. Francis school.

REASON FOR JOINING EYES: One of my motivational factors in joining such a team of enthusiastic set of superb individuals was the commonality we all share in helping others achieve the absolute best that they can out of life, through the means of a great education. Thus, the reason I jumped to the opportunity when called to action by the founding members.

enidNAME: Enid Manly-Spain, Public Relations Officer

Enid Manly-Spain, born January 17th, is a personable and upbeat individual with an exceptionally diverse background in marketing. As the Public Relations Officer, Enid hopes to use her professional skill set to create awareness and facilitate programs that will help build, strengthen and support the growth of EYES. Enid is a proud graduate of Temple University where she obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, majoring in Marketing & International Business.

SCHOOL(s) ATTENDED in SIERRA LEONE: Murraydeen Preparatory, Leone Preparatory and Annie Walsh Memorial Secondary School.

REASON FOR JOINING EYES: : EYES is an organization of driven, ambitious, remarkably focused and educated gentlemen with high regards and value for education. When approached with the opportunity to become a part of the organization, I was much honored and excited. I believe education is an asset that one can never be stripped off. Once acquired it becomes an invaluable asset used to fortify our society which is what is needed to foster growth in our beloved Sierra Leone. Let’s educate our youth and rebuild our country.

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